Past Artwork

Art Through the Years
Here is a small ish portfolio of art I'd done, or was able to keep footage of since high school, throughout college, and now.
Custom Note Book Cover Art 2016
Water Color art done for my aunt 2016
Took a college course in High School for 2pt perspective and created this Japanese Room
"Hokusai" The Great Wave 2017
- done as a class art project on the wall of the hallway of my high school.
Teacher Appreciation Art 2017
-made some simple watercolor art with origami cranes for teachers
(in the back theres some bts art I have :D)
Watercolor BTS Fanart 2017
-This was made when I was super into K-Pop and BTS was the main inspiration for a lot of my artwork at the time I also have a couple YouTube Videos on some other cooler name based bts art which I'll Link here :)
Painted my Grandma's Fence
Some art from 2018 (There's A lot)
Eggplant based Starwars Fighter with a tomato driving and an "Egg"-2D2 XD
Scratchbord Art - Pretty Much the "Cyberbullying" and "What you became" type of project, one of my favorites :)
"Into Being - Charge, The Charger Block"
A mini comic i did with watercolor for my character "Charge who is a Charger Plug and will be up for sale when I make more designs for him :D


Little Soju People - make 15 different designs and choose the favorite to become a colored piece! (I. Unfortunately no longer have the colored piece ><)

K-Pop Concerts (More on my Instagram)

GOT7 2018 Eyes On You Hand-painted T-shirts

KCON LA 2018 Hand Painted T-shirts

(someone thought my friends and I were staff at that Concert XD)

Art from 2019

Unfinished Wrapping Paper Idea (will continue one day - a little overwhelmed looking at it currently)

little doodle I did toward the end of 2018, beginning of 2019

College Projects 2020 - Right Before the Pandemic

This one right below this text line is my most FAVORITE piece right before we all got stuck at home

Pop-Up Animal Crossing Town 

I had a lot of fun with this one :) it was actually tiny, the buildings were no wider than 2 inches


Final Art Project, gouache paint with embroidery thread :)


My Original Logo August 2020:

My New and Current Logo




There it is! The art that isn't here are mostly college art projects I don't have pictures of or just couldn't find I had a really bad art block for good year and barely got into creating again back in 2020 when I started my Etsy shop. It was hard to create because as an art student in college, my art was work and wasn't fun for me. I also felt trapped and just wasn't proud of anything I created there after. Thus stumping me in my creativity. I hope you liked my art and how much of a wide-range I had in regards to mediums.  Thank you for checking out my Portfolio!