April Blog Update : 2022 - HI!


Hi Everyone!

It's been awhile since I'd touched the website, mostly due to laziness and working full-time - but I digress.

Here's an update on where I am in life and what's coming...


Life Update:

Since my last blog in June of 2021, I had recently started my (current) full-time position at a dental office! I started off as a receptionist and then moved on up to a Patient Care Coordinator! Its a lot of work, but like any place that is also short-staffed, definitely working my hardest to make the load a little easier to handle for my coworkers and I. 

I'm also starting a new part-time remote job tomorrow, so on top of my dental office position, I'll be working in the mornings. My days are now going to be looking like 6am-6pm work days (back to that glorious double job) - so forgive what may slow down my production and designs for future products. The cost of living going up sadly affects everything else, so hopefully the new job sticks! And if it does, I might be able to move into it full-time and work from home remotely while creating art! So also very hopeful on that end.

Shop Update: 

With finally updating my website, I'm happy to see there are some products you guys love and gave me great feedback. To all the people that react/respond to my stories, I really appreciate you. You guys get little sneak peeks and sometimes dibs on products before I fully expose it to the public.

I've also been doing as many events as I can since last June and will have the separate post on all of them updated. To be honest, I have been trying to stay more local to San Diego County since gas prices have gone up, so I won't be up in the Orange County area for awhile. Hopefully gas goes down and I'll be able to do events up north again.

Patreon Update:

For people who haven't heard or seen, I do have a Patreon open! If you find the listing "Patreon Saw it First :D", I am slowly putting up listings for Patreon rewards! You guys get to purchase these outside of it but at a slightly higher price. Hope you guys check it out and possibly join it, would love that so much ^^

Upcoming News:

Upcoming products and designs for the shop! Demon Slayer, Studio Ghibli Movies Arriety and Ponyo are the few that I'm starting 2022 with. For sure earrings and temp tattoos will be/are in the works for these three. I'm excited to say that Demon slayer will focus mainly on the swords and for Studio Ghibli I'll be focused on washi tapes and a few stickers.

Other animes and movies I'll be doing (no set timeline yet):

  • Bungo Stray Dogs
  • The Case Study of Vanitas
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Kiki's Delivery Service

Regarding my little mascot Mars, I do have the option for you guys to purchase crocheted versions of him. Would just need to dm/email me :D He's also the Patreon reward so you'll see various designs of him! I have 3 more washi tapes to release of him this year. I plan to hopefully make enamel pins of him in the future but I don't have any idea as to when since I personally, am not ready to do enamel pins o-o. Forgive me.


To everyone that has been supporting me, thank you so much. I am super grateful and appreciative of all the words and reposts, reviews, etc. of anything from my shop. Sending me pictures of you guys wearing the earrings or using the charms, the decals on your cars, makes me incredibly happy. I also just hit 700 followers this month, and its my birthday month! like a gift to me haha

Thank you and I love you all so much, come up to me if you see me at any event or DM/email me if ya wanna chat. Have a great day everyone!

Much Love, Zen


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