New Website!


Hey There~!

Just wanted to type up a short little post about this new website. Just overall super excited to share this big news. <3

Working on this new website was the little push I needed to start actually and actively creating again. I've made new artist friends and made new long-lasting connections. This new website is me growing out of Etsy's guidelines and extra fees that, in the long run weren't very worth it to me anymore. I wanted to have this website to keep me more accountable, to write more blog posts, to share about the events I'm doing this year and in the future, and to keep making new products. Retiring my Etsy page was only a matter of time and I had to get the ball rolling if I also wanted to see myself grow. 

Thank you for reading this little blog post and taking the time to take a look around my shop. I really appreciate you and can't wait to show you what I have in store.

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